Barrie: The Farmhouse

The Farmhouse

For a while now I have been on the look out for more unique-eats in our neighboring towns. While we enjoy pretty much anything that resembles food, be it fried, fresh, or farm-(sometimes freezer)-to-table, it is nice to have a different experience somewhere trendy and local. Upon our friends recommendation, we spent an evening at The Farmhouse and had a very pleasant time.

The Farmhouse  practices yummy, sustainable eating by providing only local produce, meats, and dairy (some of which is grown on the owner’s farm).  It was yet another cold winter’s night and even though they’re known for their outdoor dining in the summer, we enjoyed the cozy, lodge-meets-farmhouse atmosphere inside.

The Farmhouse

pictured: FH bacon cheddar burger with feltis farm fries and romaine parmesan salad

I enjoyed a crispy local trout with two sides (TWO!) including their signature Feltis Farm fries and one of their tasty mason jar salads. The side options are abundant, so you can’t go wrong…and they have the cutest herb greenhouse onsite!

photo source: The FH



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2 responses to “Barrie: The Farmhouse

  1. This looks like my kind of place. I love local restaurants and the mason jar salad is too cute!

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