Put Me On Your Shoulders, And Call Me Robin Williams

My sister and I were having a good laugh about what it’s like to be a teacher. Like ideal vs. reality. Like dream first-day-of-school vs. actual first-day-of-school. Like hearing a phantom student applause for your lesson planning efforts vs. crickets.

My first day of being a college ESL professor for example. A 9am class. Handouts in neat little piles. The Most inspirational quote written, then rewritten, perfectly on the board. A solid “eh-hem” of the throat to boot…and no students to show. My first students roll in around sayyy, 9:45…and so begins the first day of school: kindly drilling on attendance and promptness  then cheerily inspiring my students to READ, READ, READ, basically it’s the most important thing you can do EVER in your college and future career success, blah blah blah. Get it? Ok. Let’s learn about verbs.

Yes, there are joys. Rewards. Hard earned achievements reached. Goals met. Smiles and inside jokes.

But sometimes, just sommmmetimes: “sure-I-can-say-those-directions-ah-ah-gen…no problem. Noooo problem.”

But a girl can dream, right. For a little more of this…Freedom Writers

and a little less of this…380088170_02de83a46b

a little more of this…SOR

and a little less of this…class-clown-Jan10-istock

And a whole lot more of this…Dead-Poets-Society-600x337

Dedicated to my colleagues!

It’s Monday!



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3 responses to “Put Me On Your Shoulders, And Call Me Robin Williams

  1. aw I bet you’re the sweetest teacher! if that ever happens, I hope there’s documentation like that last photo!

  2. Julie

    Liv, this made me think of a tumblr account made by a teacher that a friend once shared with me. Some of the posts are very relatable and amusing. Here’s one:


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