Hi, Friend!


I’m Olivia, and I originally started writing here to inspire women to be changed by the books we read. While I’ll always love to read a good book, sometimes reality means less reading and more cooking…and I love it! Now on Olivia Jamie you’ll primarily find a small collection of recipes, homemaking tips, and other joy-bringing things!

I grew up in Connecticut. We met in Saskatchewan. Our wedding (and now home) was in Ontario. Italy was our honeymoon. Paris is my dream.

Two of my favorite posts: How Math and Public Transit Changed Me, I Was Afraid to Make Bread, How I Beat Those Winter Blues: Move

photo credit: When He Found Her

3 responses to “Hi, Friend!

  1. Mary Jane Plouffe

    Love your blog as well as Laura’s.

  2. Thank you for the invite! I have starting following and went through some of the reviews thinking I can’t wait to contribute and hear from others reviewing as well. Be sure to let me know when and how many posts are ok for a certain amount of time. I would want to be sure not to hog any space. 🙂

    Great to meet you Lasesana!


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