Lord, Make Me Softer

Olivia-Jordan-Engaged_0928ask my husband when he enjoys me the most and he will say something like, “When she is smiling and laughing. That is one of the things I love most about my wife.”

Every now and then a stinging yet true reminder of our mortality comes barreling through my mind catching me off guard and quickening my heartbeat. And most often I am reminded at a time when I am criticizing or self-serving. If this were my last day would I still use these hurtful or careless remarks? And often I’m stopped in my tracks. Reminded that while life here is so good, so full, so rich it is not a forever kind of place.

I know people who just live like heaven is their real home. They have lived longer, sometimes suffered much, and are just in touch with their mortality in a way that attracts me to them. I see those people and pray, “Let me be like that.” Let me live for the great Home to come.

Because I know…I know that in looking towards my lasting life with the help of my living God I would criticize much less, live without entitlement and help others a whole lot more.

“Lord, make me softer” I am praying. If I am to be known at all, let me be known by joy and calm.

hoto credit: When He Found Her



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2 responses to “Lord, Make Me Softer

  1. beautiful, Liv!!
    the prayer of my heart too~

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