Our Wedding

What a blustery, wintery winter we’ve had! Of course, it makes me think of summer. Which reminds me of how quickly time has gone since we were married last June! Engaged for 8 months, we planned for an Ontario wedding with lots of help from my fiancé, family, friends and The Professionals. When they say “Don’t sweat the small stuff, it all comes together”…it’s true.

Our wedding felt like a dream and I remember it all so vividly. The sermon,  the vows, the speeches, dancing, and food. I could have stayed in that moment forever. When we flip through these beautiful photos in the years to come I know those memories will flood back and we’ll be there all over again. A young groom and young bride surrounded by the love and support from friends and family from all over. The whole thing was. a. blast.

Jordan-Olivia-Married_075Jordan-Olivia-Married_082Jordan-Olivia-Married_030Jordan-Olivia-Married_231Jordan-Olivia-Married_329Jordan-Olivia-Married_401Jordan-Olivia-Married_426Jordan-Olivia-Married_543Jordan-Olivia-Married_552Jordan-Olivia-Married_653Jordan-Olivia-Married_664Jordan-Olivia-Married_723Jordan-Olivia-Married_711Jordan-Olivia-Married_750Jordan-Olivia-Married_760Jordan-Olivia-Married_769So many times I pinched myself–Is this our wedding? Is it actually here? Some of it was almost too surreal to soak in, but I tried. I wanted to remember the details they say the bride and groom often forget because the day just zooms by. But I do remember.

The smell of the rosemary at the place-settings. The dim lighting of the candles leading to the house. The attentiveness of my bridesmaids. The humor and sensitivity of our Emcee. “You’re Makin My Dreams Come True” blasting across the tent as we danced and took pictures. The ring of the farmhouse bell. And the kisses that followed. The hugging and waving, the thank you’s and goodbyes. The driving away as husband and wife.

Location: Family farm

Photography: When He Found Her

Event Planning and Coordinator: Laura Olsen Events

Make Up: Ashley McKay

Flowers: Ashley Kimmel

Dress: Vera Wang from David’s Bridal 



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5 responses to “Our Wedding

  1. Love your hair! It was so pretty!
    And the photos! G.o.r.g.e.o.u.s.

  2. you were, and ARE, a gorgeous bride~ every detail so lovely. that’s why pictures are priceless – their ability to transport us back in time and help us relive the moment all over again. i still feel that way when i look at my wedding pics, 17 yrs later!!

    thanks for sharing! i think every girl in the world likes seeing wedding photos! :))

  3. these are stunning!! i love your dress. congrats!

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