Our Christmas Apartment

DSC03957Just a few shots from our perfectly imperfect apartment over Christmas. Its just the right size and I would happily raise a family of six in it just to enjoy all the corners, large windows, and the forested view.  It takes 45 minutes to clean ceiling to floor, and has willingly submitted to my regular styling and restyling. I keep chanting, “Less is more. Less IS more” in hopes to slowly achieve a minimalist and airy space. It’s pretty fun to have a space to work with. I took these pictures to remember Christmas 2014, like I did for 2013. These are fun early years.

Of course we hope you had a full and blessed Christmas with you and yours! May this New Year be full of just the right things!DSC03931 DSC03932


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6 responses to “Our Christmas Apartment

  1. I absolutely ADORE this space:) Sooo cute and simple and clean and perfect!

  2. Less is more, indeed and I love your flat! It’s beautiful, darling:) Have a great day, xoxo

  3. It’s so simple, yet cozy and cute! I love it!

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