Alas, I didn’t take any picture from our family Thanksgiving, and I’m glad for it. It took the pressure off of getting the right lighting or capturing the true moment. I, for one, am just not there with my photography skills, and it is nice to simply hold those memories in your mind and heart. It was a lovely time shared together.

Our life has been simple lately. Wake up, do our morning routine of shower, read, breakfast, make lunch, tidy. And then bundle up and head out the door, warm up the car, drop Jordan off at work, pick up a colleague to carpool. Teach for two hours, prep for two hours, run some errands or head home to make dinner. There is time in between and sometimes not. I do Pilates and cook, got out for coffee or am at church. Somehow the days are so very full and yet very flexible because of my schedule right now.


Since I was in middle school I’ve never had a rigid schedule, busy yes, hectic, at times…but never a rigid 9-to-5-this-is-what-I-do-everyday. My sister and I were homeschooled from middle school through to our senior year, and while we did our school work in the morning, we worked as babysitters and music teachers for the better part of our teen years. College was a blissful blur. I loved it and it killed me all at the same time! And now I am working part-time doing my dream job as a college professor. I feel very blessed. I’m very glad for time to journal and pray, to serve and be available for my husband, our church, friends, and colleagues.

Only ten days until my sister and our niece and nephew come, and I am thrilled to pieces! Time to deck the halls!


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7 responses to “Lately

  1. I absolutely love this post. I didn’t know you are a college professor! That is so wonderful. Where and what do you teach? Can I sit in on a class? xoxo Katie

    • I teach Academic ESL! I’ve wanted to do this since I was a teenager, so I’m so blessed to work with students from all over the world! I teach at a place called Georgian College not far from Toronto. And yes! please…come sit in! Wouldn’t I love to have you as a guest! xoxo

  2. oh, I just love your writing! what a sweet time in life and getting ready for your family to come in!

  3. This sounds lovely!
    I was homeschooled as well, and just recently got a 9-5 job.
    My little adventurous free-spirit is having quite the hard time adjusting…

    • I’ll be thinking of you, Jessi. Transition is never easy, but there can be adventure in the 9-5, before, during, and beyond. It’s good for our free-spirited ways to enjoy and explore the “settledness” our parents and parent’s parents had that got us to where we are today! Who knows what true adventure lies in “staying”. (A little something I’ve been learning since moving to Ontario). xo

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