Recipe Testing with The Yellow Table

DSC03301This past week I had the privilege of recipe testing for The Anne Watson Carl of The Yellow Table, a New York City based cook who is self publishing her first cookbook this coming Christmas! I learned of Anna’s blog through my sister’s friend who is a good friend of Anna…so I feel like I practically know her personally! 

Several months ago, Anna invited readers, family, and friends to recipe test and I eagerly volunteered. Anna’s recipes are delicious and sure to be enjoyed by everyone who cooks and creates from her cookbook! She is passionate about sharing life together around the table, and I was able to do just that while testing these recipes. Not only did my husband and I benefit, but we were able to have impromptu company to share in the tasting part of the testing. And that, I really like: cooking and have company.DSC03312Along with a panini and burger recipe, I tested a Lamb Tagine dish, something I’ve been intimidated to try for a long time, so I’m glad I got to do it finally! DSC03358DSC03298DSC03335It was a busy week, and I had left the testing to last minute so some of it had to get done late when I got home. It was a true taste of what Anna has been doing for the last year! In the picture above I am really enjoying myself and happy to be cooking despite it being eleven p.m. and my expression!

My only regret is that I wasn’t able to complete all of the four recipes given to me to test due to the lack of ground lamb readily available in our area. And is there a story for that. In brief, we searched our city for a butcher with ground lamb and made a second unsuccessful stop at a specialty South African meat shop. Think indigenous South African taxidermy everywhere. I, being on a mission to get this ground lamb or else, walked right past a stuffed (from the shoulders up) giraffe. A. real. one. It was huge and impossible to miss. But missed it I did and walked right past to plead for one pound of ground lamb. Just. One. Pound. But alas, there was none. And my husband, who later told me he couldn’t look at anything or anyone else in the eye because this giraffe was staring at him, pointed the poor guy out to me before we left the shop. I stopped and said, “Really? Seriously? Where?” And two feet away…how peculiar. DSC03324DSC03349My amateur photography doesn’t do the experience and recipes the justice they deserve, but I still wanted to chronicle the process as I’ve been looking forward to it for months!

Thank you to Anna and her team for the honor in inviting us to take part! I hope it is a help!



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13 responses to “Recipe Testing with The Yellow Table

  1. Michelle Elford

    I’ve heard they have ground lamb at Superstore – did you check there? But maybe just in Alberta…

  2. Recipe test? This is so cool and fun! Great work!!! I would totally do this!

  3. PS Great styling!!! I keep looking for tea towels like that!

  4. I think your photos are beautiful and recipe testing is always so much fun! Yummy, everything looks delicious, sweetie. have a great day. xoxo

  5. oooo! tagine lamb? yum. what a cool experience – it looks delicious!

  6. Oh my goodness, this looks and sounds incredible!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

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