I’m Gonna Read Instead

Read InsteadI’ve seen this poster floating around the internet these days and when I have, I tell you, I’m off the internet in a flash and reading, or gardening, or creating. Because this is a wonderful message about what summer (and winter) is for. (The irony is that I had to see it on the internet to be inspired in the first place.)

Summer is the best time to read instead of internetting….facebooking….blog reading or writing…It’s the best time to be out walking…exploring…swimming…instead of being inside so much. And this is coming from a rainy-day lover! So for me, it’s either “Get out” or “Read instead”.

I hope it’s a wonderful summer for you too! What have you been up to? No wait, don’t tell me! Go outside…or start reading Harry Potter, a classic, cookbooks!

Photo credit: BOOK/SHOP






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4 responses to “I’m Gonna Read Instead

  1. That is so cool! I want one for my house now 🙂

  2. Ah, so nice to know it’s had this effect on you! Thanks for the mention!

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