What Immigration Looks Like Part 4

DSC02885Maybe I should call this “Part 2 & 3 Repeated” because, friends, we had a bit of a hiccup. Long story-short-ish, we had to withdraw our application in order that I might continue working in Canada easily until I get permanent residency. Everything was fine and Jordan had actually been approved to sponsor me…but we just couldn’t swing me working here in Canada AND waiting 30 months for the New York office to approve my part of the application.

Could we have avoided this? Yes and No. Well, maybe just no. At the time we submitted our previous application we were in between decisions: seminary for Jordan in the States or full time ministry in Ontario. If the former, I would have to apply outside Canada, if the latter, within Canada. So we took a leap of faith and went outside…this way I could still freely visit my family and re-enter EVEN if we stayed inside Canada.

Three weeks ago, Jordan committed to a more long term full-time position at our church, and we’re now settling into a several-year stay here in Ontario. We’re excited! It’s a great thing! We’re grateful to God for his guidance!

But for me to keep working we have to take a difference route. You’d think withdrawing would be a piece of cake, but it actually can take several weeks. The law is a complicated thing, but they sure have thought of it all. Sheesh!

God, in His mercy, allowed for our application to be withdrawn in THREE DAYS (unheard of!) and today, this very day, I am sending off our new application.

Soooo, what does that look like? They keep your previous application, so nothing is sent back to you, so see Part 1, 2, and 3. The same exact process. Original FBI check again, fingerprints, application fees, passport photos, etc. (I even had to get a new shirt at WalMart when I got my pictures taken because of course I was wearing the wrong colored shirt). It’s a great thing we made copies of everything before we send it out.

Sounds sticky…foolish even, but we have learned so much about trusting God’s best for our lives.DSC02910So the last week has looked like this. Concentrating, double checking, re-printing and…DSC02946heading off to the post office once again. 🙂

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