Did you laugh?

medium_petrabindel-interiors-0121d366-c9b2-45a8-93da-cf636c90dd77It was a full and wonderful weekend for us. Today is a holiday and we welcomed the rest. There was an 8am sleep-in, a reading and rereading of psalm 1 and John 13, an afternoon in the park, a brisket lunch with friends, a greek salad dinner…and the sun is still up as I write.

This weekend my husband made me laugh the most. But that is usually the case. God knew I needed someone who wouldn’t let me take myself or life toooo seriously. What made you laugh this weekend? I’d love to hear!

This week…a yummy-I-love-it Chia seed pudding recipe, and a book review, and a little more.

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3 responses to “Did you laugh?

  1. OOO we love chia seeds. Have you heard of the drink Mama Chia? We know that lady and she is into the CHIA!!! OK, Chris makes me laugh to crying many times. He just laughs at watching me laugh. I prayed hard for a guy like this! You are so lucky too!!

  2. Can’t wait for the I-love- Chia puding recipe! 🙂

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