To Mama, Love Olivia Jamie


A belated Mother’s Day note.

To my lovely Mom!

My mama gave me my passionate character. I want her amazing ability to foster an uncluttered, peaceful, ordered, and loving home. She, with my Dad, raised to willful girls, who now thank her every day for swimming upstream and sticking to her guns. Unconditional love is how I see it. Year after year after year…

My mama taught me the Christian way. With her bible and journal every morning, in that same corner of the couch. To take the road less traveled, to say Yes to Jesus always, and to trust in Him, because He is always good and always worthy.

Jordan-Olivia-Married_081When I am vigorously scrubbing my baseboards, I think of how she modeled doing the nitty gritty and doing it well.

When I am chopping fresh kale or beets, I can see her standing in the kitchen late at night, finishing “food prep” so we could eat healthy, love-prepared food.

She is my hippy-spirit and gave me my wanderlust. The backpacker of Afghanistan, India, Europe is my challenger and inspiration.Jordan-Olivia-Married_082As a married woman, I can still lay on her with a big, daughterly, life-is-perfect hug when she is napping on the couch. Maybe not forever, but for now. Maybe just for now, before I may one day be a mama.

She loves to call me Olivia Jamie. My full name, because that is the name my parents gave me, so it’s special when it’s said.

And I’ve merely scratched the surface.

Happy Mother’s Day!! I love you always!


Olivia Jamie




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5 responses to “To Mama, Love Olivia Jamie

  1. I am so in love with this post. Very touching. I’m so excited to become a mom and pass on wonderful things to my kids!

  2. this gave me such a big heart! *hugs* to you and your beautiful mama!

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