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Jordan-Olivia-Married_425I’m going to go a little link crazy here…so please bear with. : )

Our photographer When Her Found Her and event planner, Laura Olsen Events, were featured in yesterday’s post on the popular wedding blog Wedding Chicks. The fun part is they chose to feature our wedding…one of the best days of my life! What an honor, and so close to our first anniversary.



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6 responses to “Wedding Chicks Feature

  1. You look absolutely stunning and so in love:) xoxo Katie

  2. WOW! What incredible photos and details. Your hair is sensational and the backdrop of nature is so stunning. I love the plate table numbers! The flower arrangements are among some the the best I’ve seen! How cool to be featured! You did such a great job with details and the photographer is truly exceptional! I love seeing weddings like this!

    • Thank you again and again! We had such a wonderful day celebrating…I pinched myself so many times that day! We wanted everything to be focused on God’s love for us, our family and friends, with the help of nature’s beauty, great food, and lots of laughter! It was just that!

  3. gorgeous! i had to pull myself away from that post! so much love and comfort. i never even considered that you’d be camera shy from the photos i’d already seen of your day! you just look so peaceful and relaxed and in love!! also. girl! those details. such a sweet feel to your event!

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