How To: Cleaning Up After Entertaining

It’s 11pm and your company has all gone home, and while entertaining is a joy, cleaning up can sometimes be a chore. Here are a few quick tips for how I take the stress out of cleaning up after company!

#1 TAKE CARE OF STAINS before calling it a night. I try to get the table cleaned up, but if the cloth napkins or tablecloth are showing obvious stainage, I try to take care of it before the damage is irreversible. A spray of Shout, a toothbrush, and a little water do the trick before I pop it in the wash the next day.

DSC02607#2 WASH THE VALUABLES RIGHT AWAY: Knives and wooden kitchen tools are my first priority when tackling the dishes. I try to do my best to take good care of our knives and wooden-wear only because they are some of the kitchen’s most used, and often times, most expensive tools. If I don’t touch any other dish that night, I do try to get these guys squared away.DSC02609#3 ORGANIZE THE DIRTY DISHES: Some more experienced housewives are thinking, “What?!?!?” right now. But this is where my “food safety” nerd comes out. When there’s no dish washer and a small sink, washing has to be strategic, so I attempt to organize the dishes into groups in the order I will wash them in the morning. Dishes, platers, pitchers, bowls, then cups, and lastly, utensils. (Note: air drying is the most sanitary when it comes to hand washing dishes).DSC02615#4 EMPTY THE GARBAGE: If none of the above gets done before I hit the hay, I do change the garbage no matter what. Maybe it was all the slaving away I did as a child when I had to empty the garbage every. single. night. But I’m here to say, people, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! Now I love emptying the garbage every day. Yes, even if the can isn’t full. “Oh…really” some have said “Isn’t that a waste of garbage bags?” Welllll, maybe. But if there is anything I’m going to be lenient about with my “environmentally friendliness” it is this. You can buy nearly a billion garbage bags for about $10.00 at Costco, and there’s an end to the argument. I am drafting a post titled “Smells In A Small Apartment”, and this was the little prelude.DSC02619

What are your tricks?

Happy Entertaining!



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4 responses to “How To: Cleaning Up After Entertaining

  1. Those tips are great! Also, I wanted to send you an email but I couldn’t find your email address. You won our laundry bag giveaway: Huge congrats, darling:) Can you please send me an email to Thank you. Looking forward to hearing from you, sweetie. xoxo

  2. great tips! its not fun to learn the hard way that a little prepping before you head to bed will make the morning work soooo much easier! one of my biggest is to soak any dishes that have sticky stuff so that it slides right off instead of messing up one of (our cute!) sponges 😉

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