Weekend Viewing


Isn’t this arrangment just beautiful? Now to find kumquats!

Nearly every Friday morning since December I have woken up for 5 am to be at work for 5:30. For a long time (until about four weeks ago) I dreaded getting up so early. And mostly because the night before I would wake up every 45 minutes to check the clock to see if it read “4:50”. I herald the many faithful parents and employees who awake at what are called the “ungodly” hours of the morning (even though I believe they should be the most godly hours of the day).

Anyhowww, a long winded intro just to say as of next week I will no longer be greeting outstandingly devoted individuals who wake up at the crack of dawn to sweat or shoot hoops. I will no longer be saying, “HI!” to members who are leaving the gym. No longer wearing two earrings in one ear lobe, or hearing, “!!I wish you promotion!!” from the kind east europian senior, Anton. No longer making 44 single copies of a double sided brochure or imaging the commitments of being a potential hockey mom. I will miss being inspired by the athletes of our small-ish town, because everytime I see you, I think, “I really should work out today. If they can do it…” when by 1pm I’m crashing.

Thank you and so long to my Friday morning shifts. You made me a better person! And then some weekend viewing…

Have you ever thought of getting away…alone…just for an overnight or two? this mom/blogger/writer did and it sounds delightful!

Bird Food Art, for my brother-in-law and mom.

We all feel a kinship to the young Royal Family in some way…Prince George is just too, too cute!

Witty NYC Tips of Etiguette that will make you chuckle.

My favorite and most hilarious Camper had her fourth baby! My sister and I weep in laughter over her posts.

For when I finally get around to organizing our disastrous pantry.

Our friends are inspiring us to eat lighter and more budget friendly. A recipe with Roasted Chickpeas & Kale

Have a great weekend!

photo credit: via Mandi Nelson




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3 responses to “Weekend Viewing

  1. Katharine

    Congratulations on stopping out Olvia

  2. I hope that the change in your work goes smoothly! 🙂

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