A Walk In Between Seasons

DSC02649We took this weekend to catch up in between work and family time, church and celebrating Easter to enjoy nature in this change of seasons. It is wonderful how calming creation can be when you take it in…to hear birds chirp, and branches creak, and water lap.

Along with teaching ESL, I have a part time customer service job here in our town. It’s about a 20 minute walk and I’ve been attempting to walk to work as often as I can. I’ll listen to an audio book, catch up on phone calls, or just enjoy the small bit of exercise. It’s now a highlight of going to work! Give it a try, if you can.

Hope your Easter weekend was a blessed one!

Now tell me if you can spot the margarine container bird feeder. DSC02660DSC02683 DSC02680DSC02689 DSC02695 DSC02696 DSC02699 DSC02706



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4 responses to “A Walk In Between Seasons

  1. directorb

    Great post! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ah, I also love taking walks and always try bike or walk to my work meetings:) Love those photos…They are beautiful. Have a great day, lovely.

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