What Immigration Looks Like: Part 3

DSC02365Well folks, we’re there. We’re in the “waiting” stage. My permanent residence application (See Part 1 & Part 2) has been mailed off to the government officials, who hopefully will get this on a good day, and hopefully will see our application and think, “Wow. What an organized application! Lets put it in the expedite pile!” No, but really, we trust God’s timing and it just feels so good to have this off my shoulders. Every day, every week since being married it burdened me. I shouldn’t have let it but I did. So we celebrated with a movie and dinner out, and a Tim Horton’s tea, and another dinner out.

But in the final days…I revised and checked. DSC02460And checked again. DSC02467And took a picture with The Precious. DSC02471And put on my best “To The Post Office We Go” outfit. DSC02489And mailed it off.




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9 responses to “What Immigration Looks Like: Part 3

  1. phew! so glad that’s off your shoulders and you two can celebrate appropriately 😉 I remember going through that for J and no matter how much you just want it to just happen when it happens, it takes up so much of your thoughts..

  2. Yes, the life-long lesson of patience!

  3. What a tedious process! They want wedding photos! Congratulations on getting it out in the mail. Triple points for the cutest postal outfit ever! What a relief!

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  5. oh my goodness how stressful! good luck that everything goes through QUICKLY. and hooray for celebrating that it’s all done!

  6. It is a relief to say the least…and now it’s out of our hands! Which is strangely comforting! Thanks for your kind words, Marci!

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