Friday Night Ice

DSC02545College was my first introduction to all things team-sports. Intramural soccer, volleyball, ultimate frisbee…but hockey…hockey was and will always be Jordan’s thing. While I probably could have been a more enthusiastic cheerleader, I did try my best to show up to a game or two:

Jordan: Hey, thanks for coming! When did you get here?

Me: Umm…I came when there were 15 minutes in the last period! (Big, supportive smile)

Jordan: Oh. Yeah. That’s, ok. Thanks.

Me: Well, you know…I got so carried away with studying…I just lost track of time. And the end is the most important anyway, right?

Obviously, I don’t have a hot clue when it comes to the “most important” part of the game. Which apparently, is the entire game.

The boys played every Friday night this winter and these are from their tourney that marks the end of the season. They won (!) and now onto baseball.DSC02543R(not #4)-L Husband, Brother #1, Brother #3 & friend (all impressed by this dedicated hockey wife)DSC02537My favourite part: Sister 1 & Sister 2 (once removed) and we are utterly enthusiastic. Yes, we are!DSC02539DSC02547A really nice part when the final buzzer goes off: No matter who won, they still shake hands and its so loving.

DSC02548DSC02563Aside from the cold, bum-knumbing-stands, and ungentlemanly brawls, hockey is not so bad. Because it means, chatting with hockey mom’s and wives, and cheering on our handsome guys. Well, there’s no turning back. By proxy (and incrementally by interest) I’ve joined the infamous Hockey Nation. 


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  1. Love the pictures in this post!

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