Weekend Viewing

There is nothing I love more than a warm breeze through the window while sipping herbal tea, and enjoying a buttered croissant. Nothing more than a calm afternoon read, with feet up on the couch and nothing to bombard the mind. Nothing more than that thawing sensation of snow melting, sore muscles relaxing, and crocuses budding. So, for this weekend’s viewing…a little more Spring.

These croissants look perfect. From The Tart Tart, a Saveur recommended site.


Your eyes did not deceive you. These silk-tie-dyed eggs are as simple to make as they are beautiful. From a new favorite, One Thousand Threads.


My mouth is watering at the site of this citrus salad. I can’t get enough of fresh tart fruit these days!



How To Never Crave Junk  Food Again

A seasoned traveler’s (and new friend) Favorite Big Cities In The World. Lets Go!

A simple and fashionable craft by Montgomery FestPotato Stamping

My Spring uniform



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10 responses to “Weekend Viewing

  1. Well that all just looks scrumptious.

  2. I was just saying to a friend how I want to go back to Paris for a proper croissant! OH yum! I have to get some this weekend…it’s the jam too…mmm. When I lived in Japan, my mom and I used to cover blown-out egg shells with washi paper. They looked a lot like this. We would then varnish them. Hey, I’m HUGELY into grapefruit these days (and bananas). Lovely salad recipe and photography! Have a wonderful weekend!

    • Thanks for your kind note! It sounds like we’re on the same page with a lot of things these days! I can’t take credit for the photography in this post, but if you follow the links you’ll find the deserving ones. : ) Have a great weekend too, Christina!

  3. My mouth is literally watering from those croissants!

  4. I nominated your and your cute blog for the liebster award! see here for details: http://thomasandmarciwallace.blogspot.com/2014/04/liebster-award.html

  5. that first paragraph sounds wonderful. I can just feel how relaxing it is! and the photos are beautiful! thanks for the shout out, friend!

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