Quicker In The Kitchen

room to cookSpilling onions, splashing balsamic, near fatal misses with a cleaver. Been there? Every time I am, I think, “I can prevent this! Why am I not helping myself?” Because usually I’m rushing and sometimes I’m just lazy. Here are a few time savers that I’m learning along the way.measure out#1 Doesn’t this just create more dishes? Well, yes, but… I’ve found that if I pre-measure certain ingredients for a recipe I’m WAY more efficient with my time in the kitchen. By now, I can eye-ball things like two tablespoons of olive oil, or a cup of water. But a 1/4 cup? 1 1/2 teaspoons? Where this tip comes in handy: All the ingredients are out, ready, and measured properly. bigger bowl#2 Again, sometimes I am hesitant to pull out a larger dish or whisk than I need because it creates more work later. But really, for all the times that I have whisked vinaigrette in a tiny bowl and had it spill (Or how about flour puffing everywhere with one wrong move?). Where this tip comes in handy: I can be precise with my mixing or whisking without fear of spillage, which can slow things down and frustrate the cook, n’est-ce pas? spread out#3 Pull out everything you need for your task, be it small or big. For chopping, have your compost and serving/measuring bowls handy. Use a large enough cutting board. Choose your knife size accordingly. Minimize the clutter. Where this tip comes in handy: Avoid spills and be safe by giving yourself space to work. research#4 And my favorite: Learn from your cookbooks. From time to time I will sit down with a cookbook or two and go to my happy place. I find it fun and relaxing, and saves time in the long run! So, instead of spending 2 hours running back and forth from stove to recipe, I am familiar, prepared, and efficient from a little pre-reading. Where this tip comes in handy: 5 minutes of research can save you 20 in the kitchen. *Also, try cooking more difficult recipes for the first time when you DO have the time to linger and learn. Then the second or third time around will be quicker!



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