Weekend Viewing


Just as quickly Monday came and left, so now Friday is here again! It always comes at a good time, doesn’t it? A few of my favorite links this week:

Gardening season is juuuust around the corner. Get inspired with Studio Choo and Gardenista!

And I will have an indoor herb garden, I will. Even though our two hour window of natural light defies me.

A friend sent me a hilarious Tumblr created by a teacher for teachers. I had a good laugh (some of not the most tasteful, so you’ve been warned).

I really want to go more paperless, because lets be honest, piles can be a pain. Erin’s post was the perfect antidote.

A beautiful post: What Women Do When They’re Alone.

Encouraging thoughts from my dear sister on the budgeted life.

A Darling Spring Reboot

Have a great weekend!

photo: Studio Choo



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6 responses to “Weekend Viewing

  1. Ahhh thanks for your sweet comment today about Nepal:) I wanted to email you back to thank you, but I didn’t see your email! have a great week! love Katie

  2. I hope you had a great weekend, dear! If you do an indoor herb garden, I’d looove to see it..I’ve been thinking of how we can get creative and have more greenery in our home..

  3. An indoor herb garden is a must his spring. You will love it and thanks so much for the link-love. So sweet of you, darling. Also, I am totally swooning over that top photo. Beautiful! xoxo

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