Quinoa Bowls


My husband is pretty awesome when it comes to eating anything I make. He is fine with leftovers and is gracious when it comes to experimental dinners.

Olivia: We’re having quinoa bowls tonight…you know, like rice bowls. Trust me they’ll be great.

Jordan: Oh, ok. Great.

Olivia: Have I everrr let you down?


Olivia: Ok, Yes. Yes, I have. (Recalling several utterly flavorless soups that were so promising at the time) But these will be great.


But when you tell you husband you’re have a big bowl of grain for dinner, be sure to follow it up with all the delicious things that will be in it that he loves…like goat cheese, BBQ chicken, and asparagus. And temper it. Be sure not to say, “And there’s Chia Seed Pudding for dessert!”

After all, everything in moderation.

Above: red quinoa / apples / tomatoes / almonds /goat cheese / chicken / asparagus / balsamic vinaigrette.

SAVORY BOWL: quinoa /kale / feta /olives / chicken / tomatoes / sun flower seeds / your choice of dressing

SWEET BOWL: quinoa / spinach / goat cheese / chicken / caramelized onions /cranberries / apple/ sunflower seeds / walnuts / balsamic & maple vinaigrette

Followed by a heaping mug of soft fudge crackle ice-cream.



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6 responses to “Quinoa Bowls

  1. Livie. You have such a light sense of humor. You brighten my day. Love, Mom

  2. Lovely healthy dishes! I like the options, there is a recipe for everyone! đŸ™‚

  3. AHAHAHAH! I loved what you said about the Chia seed pudding….because I’ve been there and done that. Great post.

  4. Jessica R

    I’ve been wanting to make a quinoa bowl since you posted this, and I did last night: quinoa, pesto chicken, feta cheese, grape tomatoes, and baby spinach with a little oil. I loved it SO MUCH. So I had the same exact thing for lunch today. Mmmm. Thanks for the idea, Liv!

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