5 Tips For Treating Motion Sickness


In a lifetime we can spend thousands of hours in planes, trains, and automobiles traversing tens of thousands of miles across the globe. I know I have enjoyed most of my travelling, but have definitely paid my dues when it comes to the motion sickness monster, and sometimes you need a little something more than the old, “Just look at the horizon” technique.

Here are a few tips I’ve picked up along the way from flight attendants to fellow travel-queasy friends…and they work!

1) STAY COOL: Try to stay cool by removing your layers. Take off your coat and scarf and try to leave your ankles and wrists exposed so you’re not trapping in body heat. Keep your hair off of your neck in a loose bun. If you’re flying, once your plane has started it’s engines the cool air vents will actually be cool, so point them in your direction. It’s much better to have goose bumps than to be reaching for that brown bag in the pocket in front of you.

2) CHOOSE AN AISLE SEAT: This is a small sacrifice to make to miss the view out the window, but totally worth it if you want the freedom to get up and walk around or use the washroom without disturbing your neighbor.

3) UNBUTTON: So far as you are able, don’t wear pants that are tight around your waist line. If you are wearing skinny jeans *discreetly* unbutton the top button, if leggings, roll them down to your hips so the pressure is off of your stomach. A seasoned flight attendant once told me that even the slight pressure on the stomach can precipitate symptoms of motion sickness.

3) TREAT YOURSELF: If Ginger Ale, pretzels, and ibuprofen are going to make you feel comfortable, indulge. This isn’t the time to be thinking about how bad high fructose corn syrup and Advil are for you. Before or at the onset of queasiness or a headache do what you have to to make your symptoms subside. Not a ginger fan? Any carbonated caffeine free drink will do the job.

5) USE THE BIG GUNS: I have used Gravol to treat my motion sick symptoms and have friends who use Dramamine for the occasional trip with great success.

Some other options? Sea Bands, Chimes Ginger Chews, and from the guys who spend more time on water than land.

And when it comes to travel, Aspiring Kennedy and Mr. and Mrs. Globe Trot know what they’re talking about.

What do you do? I would love to add it to my arsenal.


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One response to “5 Tips For Treating Motion Sickness

  1. Kathleen

    These are great tips I always get motion sickness if I am a passenger in a car for more then an hour, I either need to sleep or drive to stop from getting wheezy.

    Aloha, Kathleen | House of Polynesia

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