Why I Could Never Do Hair Tutorials

When did my sister become a mother of two baby wrangler? When did it happen?! It’s like I blinked and my Teach for America, nearly bound for the White House sister is swaddling and cooing like it’s her day job. Because now it is, and she does it so brilliantly. Several times today I thought, “Wow, how does she keep going?” Put the baby down, pick up the sweet talking toddler. Put Little E down, pick up the precious crying boy. And repeat. And with such joy and patience…I am so proud of the stellar wife and mother that she is. DSC02308Toddlers and straws. Stop it. DSC02279DSC02302 DSC02322To which I said, “Wow. I should do a how to have horrible posture tutorial” (Or for split ends and volumeless unfinished braids). To which Laura said, “Uhhh, I should do a pastey-never-been-out-in-the-sun face tutorial.” DSC02296DSC02332All this snuggle time was good for the soul. Back home to see Jordan tomorrow…lets hope the snow holds off!


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  1. Miss you terribly and wish you were still here! My consolation is that you are home, safe and sound, with your adoring hubby. 🙂 xo!

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