Friday Five-ish

je taimeSo this week something incredible happened. I found someone’s blog, randomly, that it turns out I know! My reaction was literally: “I know this person!” (out loud, while home alone). A big deal when you’re just starting to remember the names of folks you see every week.

1) I followed a link on a very popular blog to find a beautiful blog called Garland of Grace. And scrolled down…and discovered I knew her fiance…and it dawned on me that I had just met Heather herself a month ago at a worship service at our church. She is beautiful and kind and her blog is a reflection of what a lovely woman she is. And the real kicker? We’ve found ourselves a kindred fellow Canadian-American couple! Is this not wonderful?! It is…it really is. Because right away you just know–immigration, papers, choosing, families and then you’re fast friends. So congrats to Heather and Jake on their moving and marriage in the States! You may recognize Heather from her popular Gold mug tutorial.

2) I’m home for a short visit and really grateful for it.

3) Nigella’s Tuna, Lemon, and Arugula Pasta. I was hesitant but after the first bite wasn’t. Now to make it at home.


4) I’ve been dreaming of doing a full and beautiful braid like Melissa’s here.

5) It’s so beautiful, I can’t help myself…photo-5photo credit: Better Than Fine & Style At Home


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  1. heathergracephotography

    So blessed me that you shared this! I love that we have been connected in the blogging world 🙂 You have a great space here. Looking forward to keeping up with you!

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