Counting Stars

DSC02248Before marrying into my husband’s eight-member family I remember him telling me about a Christmas when the entire family got the stomach flu one poor soul at a time. Not only had I not had that flu in over thirteen years but the thought of germ exposure being raised by five times my family ratio felt a bit like a looming “Welcome to the family” initiation. DSC02252Having just nursed a whopper of a cold with the company of my mother and sister in law just two weeks ago, being hit with a post-Family Day flu two weeks later didn’t feel so family friendly. But when I heard that three of my in laws had the same flu at the same time, my heart skipped a beat of camaraderie. We’re is this together. So I really am part of the family.

And really, its so yucky, you have to just pray for the grace to get through it. So if you’re on the couch with ginger ale or a box of tissues, this too shall pass. Hang in there, friend!DSC02253DSC02254 Right now, I need to start singing a hymn to get this One Republic song on repeat out of my head once and for all. And maybe, just maybe I can do some grading while I watch an episode or two of Call the Midwife.



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2 responses to “Counting Stars

  1. since i just “met” you on amber’s blog, i wanted to stop over and say hello! 🙂 i enjoyed your story there, gorgeous wedding and the fact that i saw international travel as something you’ve shared as a couple.

    hope that you’ll feel better soon!

    • Thank you for reading our story and then stopping by!Amber did such a great job putting together that love story post…we were honoured! And it’s always fun to meet friends of friends.

      I’m on the up and up, so thank you…and have a great weekend!

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