How I Beat Those (Canadian) Winter Blues: Sing The Anthem

Travel Trend Year AheadWhen you think of Canada the following may come to mind:  polar bears roaming, Inuit in igloos, snow mobiles and happy people who just looove cold winters because it’s so Canadian. And we both know that it is not actually like that (at least where we are). BUT someone did bring it to my attention that the frigid temperatures, dangerous icy sports and snowy winters of Canada are in fact something to be proud of.


I’ll consider it.

When the 2009 Olympics came to Canada it felt like it was where the Games belonged. After all, Canada invented half of the winter sports we know anyway, right? And since marrying a hockey playing Canadian (Which I was nearly forbidden to do by my father who let me go to college in Saskatchewan under 2 conditions: 1) That I would come back  2) That I wouldn’t marry a hockey playing Canadian…all in good humor of course) I find myself flirting with an interest in this culture. Wishing it wasn’t so darn cold out so we could snow shoe or race on snow mobiles. Maybe it was meant to be.

Because aren’t we so hearty driving around with snow tires and showing up to work in salty, dirty boots. Or attending the tournament weekend with a Tim’s in hand. And I have never seen people dress so warmly! If only I could find cute winter shoes.

409400_10150550187648923_1935684482_njust your average pro mobilers269208_10151563250483923_913273111_nthat time my in-laws thought it would be fun to spend 6 hours building a luge track. now they know how I felt about that.1512363_10151816304021831_59929980_ntrying out the new snow shoes 

Oh, Canada, you are The True North strong and might I add, brave.

What do you love about Canada?


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