Costco and Colds

photo-8 “Teacher, you have cold?” a student asked me today. “Yes, I do.” “Oh, Oh” was his sympathetic  response. (Also commonly used responses are “Yes, yes” and “No, no” among my predominately Chinese student classroom. With a nod and a half smile and a “Yes, yes” I can tell that I have been completely misunderstood and that “Yes, yes” in fact means, “What did you say?” So I repeat. Speaking half as slowly as normal.)

He then said, “Have some heart tea, it is good for colds”.

“Heart tea?” I asked, touched by his our-teacher-is-a-human-too advice.

“Yes, heart” (actually pointing to his heart).

So I spelled it on the board. H-e-a-r-t. We’ll get there, we will.

“Yes, heart. Cold tea. Heart tea.”

“Ahhh, yes, hot tea. I love hot tea! It’s good for colds? Thank you so much!”


That moment was gold for me today. It was a “ahha-we’re human together-learning together-helping each other” moment.

And I simply love teaching these students. They sometimes drive me bonkers. And on more than one occasion I have paused to collect myself by turning to the blackboard, poising my chalk to scribe the next instructions chanting, “We can do this. They can do this.”

Assignments were handed in. Progress was made. So I went to Costco for some pampering.  I went in for ground turkey and came out with that, a magazine, probiotics, and my favorite, onions. It was a great trip.

Leave it to Costco to make grocery shopping feel like a getaway.

Leave it to photo editing to make having a cold seem glamorous.



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  1. so cute! like a little game of charades. hope you feel better soon!

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