What Immigration Looks Like: Part Deux

DSC02194Dear Potential Future Children,

Lordwilling, if we have you someday, you will be granted a magical gift called dual citizenship. This means you will be both Canadian and American upon taking your first breath of air. You’re welcome, dear Lovies. Because it took

40 application papers

38 photos from dating, engagement and our wedding

30 printed personal emails, Skype conversations and letters

28 fingerprints

14 ticket stubs, itineraries, passport copies

4 passport photos

3 supporting letters from friends

1 FBI check

1 medical examination

10 paperclips

some $$$

several undetermined months of waiting for approval

and looking like this (yikes!) until 1pm on several occasions just to become a permanent resident.DSC02206Steward your citizenshipS wisely.

~Your devoted, we-did-this-for-you, paperwork-fried, brilliant and amazing potential parentsDSC02195

We also welcome your prayers for us (and several close friends in the same boat) as we wait and that our application to be processed speedily and without any difficulty. Thank you.


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3 responses to “What Immigration Looks Like: Part Deux

  1. I’m surprised they wanted personal emails, Skype conversations, photos and so on just to become a permanent resident!
    I went through similar things a couple years ago, but it was to become a permanent resident in the States. They didn’t ask for anything personal tho.
    Anyhoo, I feel for your pain! Government paperwork and waiting is never fun – will be praying for a speedy process! 🙂

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