Taking Pen To Paper


There was a time when I wrote a lot. Journaling, letters, songs and prayers. It hasn’t been that way so much since finishing school, moving home, planning a wedding and moving away. The grown up life gets so full, so busy so fast. But those sweet quiet moments that came when I sat down to journal or read a letter were invaluable.

I had a small habit of sitting down to a friend’s letter with a sliced green apple and a mug of green tea close by. Stopping to enjoy and take in the love sent through time taken. So a commitment of mine is to write again. And to green apple it a little more. Starting in the small, little note, letter to a friend ways.


The following was written after reading from Job 38-42.

Only mercy meets us when we feel most depraved/ and reminds that there is hope, there is healing in His name/ The clouds gather and cold alone we think/ when truly, really we are hidden in the shadow of His wings/

No thing is too scary, too ugly, too great/ to keep us in bondage to a hopeless merciless fate/ No, not for the One who says, “Behold, I have lain/ the foundations of the earth and the very first day of all days”/

To Job He said, “Get thyself dressed”/ for he was told by God how only God had done The Best/ at creating all things both small and great/ the oceans that rise and the moon in the night late/

And the mountains would tremble at their maker’s gentle voice/ or crumble in submission to His sovereign good-will choice/

And I myself, so small like dust/ have the hairs of my head numbered by the Almighty and Just/ So when I am up in the dark night of sin/ I will trust in the One, the Lord who has always been/

For him it is a small thing to deliver me each day/ from the fouls of the world that often cause my faith to sway/

But He who is the Shepherd and Overseer of my soul/ will hear from my small being a “Yes, my Lord. I know”/ That to obey is a blessing before we are even blessed–with the gift of peace that follows after saying, “Master, Yes.”


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