Foreign Film Frenzy



Babette’s Feast– A culinary classic. Babette escapes a previous life in France to cook and housekeep for two adults sisters in Denmark. Luck comes to Babette bringing her good fortune and when fortune and food meet there is turtle and quail and wine and the feast of a lifetime. You can almost smell the aromas of the rouxes, cheeses, and soups time travelling from 19th century Denmark to the North American home.


The Intouchables– My all time favorite from 2012. I saw this film upon the recommendation of a family friend and it’s now on my top 10 list. Jordan and I saw this on the night we were engaged. I saw it again a week after and laughed just as hard and can’t recommend it enough. I appreciate this film for it’s simple portrayal of honesty, friendship, and service between unexpected friend.*

To Be and To Have- Maybe it’s the teacher in me, but this documentary is oh so wonderful. Set in a rural France, this film captures the patience and dedication of teacher Mr. Lopez to his young students of different ages all sharing the same classroom.


The Motorcycles Diaries Based on a true story, two medical students decide to take a motorcycle trip along the coast of South American from Peru to Ecuador just months before finishing school. One word: cinematography.*


Mostly MarthaAnother culinary delight. I remember seeing this film in a small church building with my Dad while away on a weekend ski trip in Vermont. We drove through the center of this small ski town and nearly ignored every other attraction (not that there are many) and stumbled across “Free Indi Film Night”. I love the hustle and bustle of a chef’s life portrayed in this film. It’s where I learned that a true chef keeps their tea towel tied to the apron around the waist and not on the shoulder.


Life Is BeautifulMany know this film well. Heartbreaking and only one I could see once or twice, but truly a beautiful work on the journey of a young Jewish family in the grips of a Nazi prison camp during WWII.

I have enjoyed many other foreign films but the ones chosen here are over all edifying and enjoyable for a range of individuals and interests. *Be sure to check out IMDB to see if the ratings, content, and plots are right for you.

What are some of your favorites?



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2 responses to “Foreign Film Frenzy

  1. the danish film “In a Better World” is incredible. It is on Netflix as well which is very handy!! One of my favorites now!

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