Weekend Viewing

Olivia Jamie I

Weekend Viewing:

Closet Cleanse 101 from Darling.

I signed up for the Clean Eats email from the Clean Program and love them.

Mortifying the Fear of Academic Books

Oh Joy’s great idea to say “Thanks!”

Seeing as I’m learning French.

Avoir un bon week-end!

photo credit: by Kari



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3 responses to “Weekend Viewing

  1. Jessica Rousseau

    Learning French, Livie?! I’m se excited! And I’ve read every post you’ve written so far. It’s a nice way to hear your voice and peek into your life when you’re so far. If you ever want any help at all with any French, I really want to help. I miss French so much, so you would be doing me a favor by asking for it!

    • Yes, Jess! I will be sure to ask and it’s good to know you would enjoy it too. For a start…what the best way to do verbs and tenses? I hope you and Joel are well, Jessica. Thanks for reading a long. : )

  2. Jessica Rousseau

    Hi Liv! A quick go-to for tenses (if I understand you correctly–let me know if your question was different) looks like this…
    Passé composé: for events that happened in a specific time frame (e.g.: J’ai reçu une lettre de ma mère ce matin.)
    Passé imparfait: for events without any specific time–can also be said as, “I used to…” (e.g.: J’avais un chat blanc quand j’étais enfant.)
    Comining the two: You were doing something, then something else happened (e.g.: J’allais au supermarché quand mon téléphone a sonné.)

    Future tenses…
    “I’m going to…” looks like “Je vais voir un film au cinema ce weekend.”
    “I will…” puts an ending on the infinitive of the verb: “Tu parleras en français avec ton amie Jess!”

    Subjunctive is tricky, so I’ll let a real teacher show it to you. But you’ll use subjunctive mostly for commands. For example, “Have a good weekend,” would be, “Passez un bon weekend.” (The French use the verb “passer” to talk about anything you do relating to time–like passing some kind of time.)

    I hope this has been more helpful than confusing! Again, any help you want, just ask. We can even Skype/FaceTime if that helps!

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