Coconut Oil: 3 Beauty Uses


There are almost a million posts on the internet concerning uses for the oh-so-amazing coconut oil. But for the sake of storing it away for my future recollection, I’m taking a moment to put it all in one place.

In recent days I have been using coconut oil, aside from for cooking, as a part of my health and skin care routine. (Be sure to keep you skin care oil in a separate container for hygiene purposes)


Anyone who has combination-to-oily skin may cringe at hearing this….Oil! On my eyes! Near my face! Trust me, I hear ya. I thought this way at but when my skin did start getting a bit better I felt the freedom to use more oil based products like Vaseline and coconut oil as an inexpensive eye make up remover. AND often times we forget to moisturize when we are breaking out and instead only use astringents that strip our skin of natural (and needed!) oils. But to each her own! I certainly struggled with skin stuff long enough to know its so, so different for everyone.

Take the tiniest bit, warm it between your thumb and index finger and massage over eye lids. Wipe away with a cotton ball or tissue until make up is gone. It will leave your eye area silky smooth. Wipe away thoroughly so as not to get excess oil on your pillow case.



**Due to break outs, I have stopped using the coconut oil directly on my face. I still use it for a skin moisturizer and eye-makeup remover. I cannot directly associate the break outs to the coconut oil, but because it was one of the biggest changes in my routine, I decided to stop using it for that purpose.**

Take about a small amount and warm between finger tips. Apply to body. Thoroughly massage into skin and allow to set and dry before going to bed or getting dressed.


Sorry? Oil Pulling? This is something new for me too. A friend introduced me to the idea a few weeks ago and I’m intrigued and allllmost onboard. I couldn’t give a full explanation, so in short: Oil Pulling is the action of swishing oil in the mouth for a duration of 10-20 minutes in order to draw out bad bacteria from within the body found the mouth, mucus membranes and GI system.


But it’s actually really satisfying! The first time I did this my teeth felt so clean.

So I aim to do this three times a week. Certainly don’t take my word for it and learn more here! Be sure to follow the instructions from the video tutorial well: On empty stomach, 1 tablespoon of oil, swish, don’t swallow, 20 minutes, spit out in a disposable container/bag, brush.

On Monday: How to read when you don’t have time.

Enjoy the weekend!



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7 responses to “Coconut Oil: 3 Beauty Uses

  1. Jen Mountney

    I love oil pulilng, I have been doing it for a couple of months now. My teeth and mouth feel SO much better when I do it. Thanks for sharing all these tips.

  2. Excellent, informative post. I’ve never used coconut oil for oil pulling, always stuck to the sunflower or safflower but will give this a try!

  3. Great post! I love using coconut oil. There are so many great uses for it. My favorite is probably using it in my hair for about an hour before taking a shower. Afterwards my hair is always soft and feels and looks healthier. I’ve never heard of oil pulling. I will have to give it a try.

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