Comfort Weather

UntitledWhen I was in the UK with my mom and sister in 2001, I just loved the rain, the clouds, the all-things-cozy feel of the foggy weather. Since, I’ve wanted to live in a place where there was no excuse to not have tea and those looming clouds gave you permission to snuggle up inside. I sometimes feel guilty about saying rainy weather is almost my favorite of all…because it gives me the small pleasure of being rather than doing, of hiding rather than appearing.

But this autumn and winter (so far) I got my wish!  We aren’t in Europe, but here in Ontario we’ve had lots of clouds and precipitation since August (oy, with the weather reports already!). It’s been unusual for around here, but maybe just what I needed for this move away from family to start life with my dear man.

And last Thursday, with my best friend visiting, we strolled enjoying a misty dim Toronto afternoon. The grays and blues were so strongly accented on campus buildings and damp cobblestone and bare trees. My favorite.

photo 1

Merry Christmas and more from ours next week!


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