How I Beat Those Winter Blues: Summer Reading

Every June Chapter’s and Barnes and Noble stock their shelves with the best “Summer Reads” that are bound to keep you turning the pages on the beach, by the lake or in the pool. Mmmm, there’s nothing like it. But when it comes to the winter, I haven’t yet seen “Great Winter Reads!” maybe because we’re all busy or skiing or huddled around the t.v. (All of which are true of us too at times between December and March!)

But that’s when I need the summer reads. Something that will be cheery, intriguing, edifying. Here are a few of my favorites. Some feel like old friends. Some I simply recommend for those cozy, tea-and-slippers kind of nights.

shaunathese three are all different and all delightful. simple and real. shauna has some great insights, a few of which I have pondered upon for months after.

ChaimI’ve read and then reread Potok’s acclaimed novels. (The Promise is the sequel)

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 6.41.57 PM

I saw  “The Help” as a movie before reading the book. When I did get around to it, it was like hearing the story for the first time.

What are your favorites for this time of year?

Enjoy being cozied up!

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