What Immigration Looks Like


Our commitment to one another is genuine. Yes, indeed. Our family knows that. Our friends know that. But if we want to stay together, say, in the same country, the Canadian government (fair is fair), wants to see that. “So prove it” they say, in so many words. In the name of upholding the law (of course) we’re proving it. One paper, picture, certificate-at-a-time. Also see Part 2 and Part 3!

And it looks like…


tall pilesDSC01420lots of water, lots of phone calls.DSC01429proofDSC01430making ten lists and checking them twice

The hardest thing about the task is that it’s tedious. It’s not rocket science, just detailed. Which I don’t mind, until I find I’d much rather be cooking or writing or fly fishing. Ya. So. I must get back to it!


December 9, 2013 · 9:25 pm

4 responses to “What Immigration Looks Like

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  2. Wow, loved reading about your journey! Praying it all goes through:) Love Katie

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