How I Beat Those Winter Blues: Health & Skin Care

Snowphoto by rebecca baust

Everyone sees winter differently. Some barely notice the change in seasons. For others, it’s a matter of survival. Over the years of living in the tundra of Saskatchewan (“Where is that?” you may ask. A perfectly normal question. Answer: In the middle of Canada) and now in Ontario, I adopted a few habits to not only cope with winter, but to enjoy it!

Be sure to check with your MD before using any supplements.


OIL OF OREGANO (powerful stuff, I tell ya. But it works wonders for us)


GINGER AND LEMON TEA (almost every morning, before anything else I boil water, grate some frozen ginger, squeeze some lemon and enjoy. It’s so soothing and boosts me with Vitamin C and bacteria fighting ginger. mmm, mmm)

KING KALE (Though hard to find local during the winter, I still buy as many dark leafy greens as possible. Rich, colorful vegetables like red cabbage, beets, and spinach also grace our table frequently. If you prefer local, organic all year round. Do your best to freeze as much in the summer and fall as possible)



VITAMIN D (I take this regularly every morning. I’m not religious about taking a D-3 with fats with a….too many things to remember! All I know is Vitamin D taken in capsule form has been hugely beneficial for keeping the sun shinin’ and my skin clear.)

H2O (More and more, please. I’m kind of like Mr. Portokalos with Windex from My Big Fat Greek Wedding when it comes to water. Do you have a headache? Drink more water. A pimple? Water. Feeling sluggish? So on. It’s the world’s most natural, inexpensive healing agent, as far as I’m concerned.)

EXFOLIATING GLOVES (This is my secret for clear, smooth skin. Twice a week. While in the shower, gently scrub in circles. Face. Body. Feet. Glove goes in the laundry right away. Done.)

LUBRIDERM LOTION (Routinely, I hop (yes, hop) out of the shower and moisturize right away.)

Skin Care

How do you stay off the winter blues?



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2 responses to “How I Beat Those Winter Blues: Health & Skin Care

  1. Oh, Olivia, you’re such a smart girl! This is my skin regimine too!

  2. Daddy

    Invest in a humidifier , really. Something quiet with variable steam. A few mornings waking up without dessert sinus syndrome and you’ve made your money back!

    Juice and steam. Rest and cream; and water, water water.

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