How To: Cutting and Slicing Cheese

photo 3-1

For all the times I’ve used the wrong knife and had it bounce off the block giving me just a shaving of that gouda or Dubliner (a treat!). So I was wondering, as we recently hacked away (*gasp*) at a block of cheese, “How does one probably cut cheese?” As they say, “No question is a stupid question”…so I asked it, researched a bit and got some answers.

The following is for the admitted novice, like myself. I’ve always loved cheese but I wanted to know just how do you

From Chow:

A quick tutorial on Cheese 101. Maybe on the ardent side, so we took what was valuable for us and left the rest. If someone comes to our home and smushes the Brie…no big!


This tutorial about the Rind. And…

Cutting Hard Cheese

From this source:


Finally, Goop says:

Perfect Cheese Board

photo 4

Not only does this help with ascetics, it just makes things a wee bit easier.


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