Toronto: Pizzeria Defina

ImageWe have a thing for pizza. Yes, we do. For my birthday this past weekend, my husband asked where I wanted to go for dinner. We pondered a few places…seeking some adventure. But lets be honest. Pizza, good pizza, always wins. For us anyway.

So we went back to a place we first enjoyed last month when I was working and had traversed 5k through Toronto to meet him for dinner.

One way to enjoy and dislike the city all in one day is to start with public transit, think, “Eh, it can’t be that far. I’ll walk”, and end up with swollen stubby feet. But it was worth it. Mecca was waiting and within minutes we had our orders out.

So on Sunday we celebrated with two friends at Defina. The food was great, but the company even better. I felt so blessed that day for our dear family, friends, and church family.

Yay, 24!

picture from Defina


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