a few items from my morning routine.

While reading Elisabeth Elliot’s “Discipline” I took away a bunch that was oh-so applicable to my ever-learning life. Elliot writes practically and personally (in all of her books) about how she implemented daily disciplines (morning routines, organization, eating well) into her humble life. Her perspective is refreshing in every way.

Elisabeth Elliot is a heroine to many. She would not want to be seen as such, so we can keep it a secret. But the stories from this widowed mother of one and missionary to Ecuador are what I need to hear. Her books feel like letters written just for you.

You sit down in her living room, at her desk, walk by the ocean and learn from this sage woman.

One example she gave of how she practices frugality: by reusing her salvageable paper towels. To some it may sound unnecessary. To me, it’s just what this 21st century girl needed to hear. Ohhh right, everything is a gift. I’m entitled to nothing. Not even all the paper towels I want next time I’m at the grocery store.

So when I pull a paper towel off or use a tea bag or turn on the lights, I think about ways by which I too can be practical and wise about this gift called “everyday-life”.

What are your daily “disciplines”?


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