At Home with Em


this is an old friend. from waaay back in 2009. but this is a recent picture with the candle she gave us.

we met working at camp together on the first day. i was a new-bee and God knew I needed her (and our staff team) that summer. for which I am still grateful! And over the years of me coming and going from SK to ON to CT and back again, she has always been a soft place for me to land. and oh, the things i’ve learned from this generous heart.


when at home with Em, there is always a refreshing glass of water in your hand before even asking for it.

if you ever compliment to say something like, “what a beautiful sweater”, it will be out of her closet and in your hands before you can refuse the unexpected gift. i learned this the hard way and have since adopted her practice of holding lightly material things and giving, sharing, lending without even blinking an eye.

one time, during an overnight lay-over, Em had randomly found $40 in an old jacket pocket. instead of tucking it away for her savings or own enjoyment she got her cell, booked a taxi for me, and told me to use the money so I could get to the airport after she had left early for work. she never once showed consideration for herself and i have always remembered that.



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