My Life in France


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My Life In France

This book. Oh. Was just one of the loveliest autobiographies I have ever read.

Julia Child’s recollections of her life in France are nothing short of enchanting. With every page, drawing the reader into the tiny details of her world and her adjustment to life in a decadent country. This cook, author, and sweetheart is worth getting to know.

I listened to the book while driving around as a newly engaged lady. And why I loved this book so much? Julia was an old soul but she was daring even in her later years. She was admittedly awkward and absolutely ok with who she was. She could barely make a casserole as a young bride and still followed a passion that began on one unforgettable night out for dinner. She simply had to learn how to cook and nothing stopped her. Not her tiny kitchen or little French, not their small budget or aching bellies. Julia just kept learning.

I found myself taking the long way every time I got in the car again. Because I just couldn’t stop listening.

It’s amazing how much we can learn from others (through reading, through conversation). It’s probably the single most powerful way (apart from Scripture) by which I have grow as a woman.

For now, “Bon Appetite!”


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  1. Learning from other women–past and present–is truly a blessing, isn’t it? I’m looking for some audio books to stock up on and I will add this one to the list. xo, Sister

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