Our Crowd


She couldn’t have said it any better: “I just miss our crowd.” Now working for our alma mater with all of us across the country, she says it well.

A bunch of us (some not included in this picture or are otherwise behind the camera) endured four years of bone-chilling, saskatchewan-dwelling, life-giving bliss together. It’s amazing how providence brings lives together. I should have been impossible for me to meet my husband otherwise. I was a seventeen-year-old homeschooler from Connecticut, with no SAT scores, one college acceptance, and a determination to be on the mission field before I could say, “I do”. And boy oh boy, how I thank the Lord for His sovereign will for my life.

And that’s when I met the crowd. Over the years we studied, read, ate, cooked, drove, listened, nurtured, danced, celebrated, worshipped, prayed, laughed, endured and a whole lot more…together. But the strongest of memories for all of us (studying) would have happened in one place: The Archibald Library. Our humble, rural college library. We were more hippy than yuppy with shoes off, books strewn, keyboards clicking and a frisbee near by for breaks. Our friends could be described with so many words, but for each stands out to me one thing…the book that reminds me of them.

When I think of M, I think of Little Women. When I think of G, it’s Jane Erye. V? The Chronicles of Narnia. L, Shadow of the Almighty. B, any of our ESL textbooks. L, Joni. W, Basics of Biblical Greek. M, Ender’s Game.



Vancouver, Canada.

Photos by Kevin McAlary


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