My Sister, Mrs. Maverick

We had a cooking show called “Chef Pauline and Chef Genevieve” in which the last line of the theme song (sung by yours truly) said, “We hope you enjoy the show. Yo Ho”…because it rhymed, ok.

I was Genevieve and Laura, Pauline.

The kitchen has always been a happy place for us. While home schooling, on long winter days, we would rig up the camcorder on a tri-pod, kindly shoo mom out of the kitchen, tie up our aprons and say “Action” (because we acted as chef and director and camera men). And it was a blast.

Our theme song doesn’t do the show justice to how creative we would get while in the kitchen, just the two of us. Caught on film was much more than cooking. It was two sisters communicating, arguing, picking noses, licking spoons, burning fingers, spilling ingredients, and laughing.  And like many sponsored programs, we had commercials featuring a product used in that very show (i.e. if we were making caesar salad we would highlight “simulated bacon bits” in a 30 second blurb), which often had to be recorded again and again because we would get so silly…as girls do.

We did almost everything together. When it came to extracurricular activities, Laura would head to dancing or theater and I would head to horse back riding or swimming, but on most days we would do a lot in each other company. We were and are each other’s kindred spirit.

The Show of Chef Pauline and Genevieve has gone down in the books as a classic for the Plouffe family. They are certainly home videos we don’t publicize (even to our spouses). It is sweet to see now how we both took that comfort in the kitchen, in front of the stove, behind the sink into our grown up lives. And with a little more gumption to try something requiring more skill and care each time.

Here’s to ma belle soeur, fellow chef-at-heart, my inspiration for almost anything I do and who now shares with me a desire to write.

Introducing, Mrs. Maverick. 


Mrs. Maverick doing her thing. 


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