Toronto: The Delicious Food Show

Things to do in Toronto

I drove by a sign that said: “The Delicious Food Show” hosted by Food Network. October 25-27.

Yes, please.

As a kid, we took advantage of local events and went on field trips to unexpected places…all in the name of learningAnd now, I love to do that wherever I am. An art show or outdoor market, a play or concert, a symposium or exhibition. Anytime I’ve done a little research to keep an ear open to what there is to see, eat, do in the area, it’s always been worth it.

As a kid, I also pulled on my sister’s apron strings in the kitchen and mom and dad’s too. We all cooked but I was often (and gladly) a sous chef. Now that I have my own grande kitchen stadium, an excitement has been stirring.

Toronto, thanks for the yummy welcome.

Martha, thanks for the splatters on the counters.

So go find some dusty historic site or provincial walking trail and you may be surprised.


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