A Year In Provence


Take me there.

Peter Mayle’s humour has always been a favorite in our family. We grew up watching the mini-series by A&E based on his stories to the point of full memorization.  And yes that was our family. Where watching A&E and BBC Classics were sheer pleasure for two young girls of 8 and 10.

But I didn’t read the book until last week.

And even then, I didn’t read it. I listened to it.

You’d think I would have appreciated the wonder of books on tape a long time ago. But it wasn’t until I began shuffling around Connecticut in a mini-van with four happy children listening to The Red Badge of Courage, Peter Pan, and others,  that the audio-book changed the way I travel.

Listen by train, plan, automobile! And this is how I finally “read” Peter’s Mayle’s classic. In the car to the store. On the subway in Toronto.

I was commuting a bit while in CT and listened to a bunch of books that otherwise I may have never read…because it sounded like a bummer…or looked too big…or I wanted to actually hear the spoken French.  I’ve since learned a ton about…a ton.

Brilliant, just brilliant.

In a nutshell: While listening to this (short) book was entertaining, I am still partial to the mini-series. 3.5/5


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