Jane Erye


I was introduced to Jane Erye as a child by my lovely piano teacher. She and mom were in a conversation about the novel as I listened in standing by the piano bench. According to my teacher, she and Jane had much in common.  Secretly, I wanted to be like my teacher. Bright, accomplished, faith-filled, patient. So Jane Erye and I met via a Masterpiece Theater adaptation…and then years later, by the book.*

Now claiming Bronte’s novel as one of my favorites, I would agree that Jane Erye’s most outstanding qualities of carefulness, boldness, and grace are shared between to two women…and hopefully, me.

A Window In: As a young woman, Jane applies for a post as a governess to teach the French ward of a wealthy man by the name of Rochester. And there her story only begins.

Reader Accessibility: 4.5/5 Bronte wrote so well that though it is a classic (daunted, anyone?), this novel is approachable for any reader.

Overall: 4.5/5

*Yes. I watched the movie before the book and generally don’t have a rule about which comes first.  Masterpiece theater has my favorite adaptation of Bronte’s novel (2006).


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